2012 Men's Tennis Schedule
  • * Conf. Event
  • % Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Home events are in gold
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
10  vs. Seminole StateL-2-7 Details
20  @ Cameron UniversityL-0-9recap Details
  @ Cameron UniversityL-0-9 Details
233:00 PM vs. Southeastern Oklahoma StateL-4-5recap Details
2410:00 AM vs. Seward County CCL-2-7 Details
157:00 PM @ Oral Roberts UniversityL-3-4stats - recap Details
210:00 AM @ John Brown UniversityW-9-0recap1-0 1-0Details
 52:00 PM @ Southeastern Oklahoma StateL-3-6recap1-1 Details
 95:30 PM vs. University of the SouthwestL-4-5recap1-2 Details
 University of Oklahoma Indoor Courts
 101:00 PM vs. McPherson CollegeL-4-5recap1-3 Details
 University of Oklahoma Indoor Courts
 1311:00 AM vs. Bethel CollegeW-9-0recap2-3 Details
 199:00 AM @ Embry-RiddleL-0-92-4 Details
 209:00 AM vs. Western New England CollegeW-9-03-4 Details
 Orlando, Fla.
 21  vs. University of Northwestern OhioL-2-63-5 Details
 2:00 PM @ Webber InternationalL-3-6recap3-6 Details
 239:00 AM vs. SCAD SavannahL-3-6recap3-7 Details
302:00 PM @ Oklahoma Christian UniversityL-0-93-8 1-1Details
 53:00 PM vs. Southwestern Christian UniversityW-9-0recap4-8 Details
 102:00 PM @ Arkansas-Fort SmithL-4-5stats4-9 Details
 1412:00 PM vs. Tabor CollegeW-9-0recap5-9 Details
192:00 PM vs. John Brown UniversityW-9-0recap6-9 2-1Details
 212:00 PM vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan UniversityW-9-0recap7-9 Details
 26  vs. University of the SouthwestW-7-2recap8-9 Details
 NAIA Regional at Oklahoma City
 3:30 PM vs. Oklahoma Christian UniversityL-1-5recap8-10 Details
 NAIA Regional at Oklahoma City